5 Things You Should Not Do With A Garage Door

A garage door can usually last for 15 to 30 years, provided it receives proper maintenance.

This is because even the sturdiest doors can occasionally suffer from various problems; their rollers or bearings may be worn out, or the springs may be damaged. In such cases, it is best to hire a professional service to get it fixed. 

You may think that it is possible to fix some issues yourself, but doing so can only make the problem worse. And here are 5 such things that you should never do with a garage door.

Garage Door

5 Things You Should Not Do With A Garage Door

1. Replacing Extension Or Torsion Springs

Garage doors have torsion springs that control the raising and lowering of the door. When these get damaged, the door may not open or close completely. 

The springs are very tightly wound and, if released incorrectly, can lead to injuries and property damage. You may think of trying to fix them yourself, but it is best to hire a garage door professional hamilton to deal with the issue. 

2. Fixing Electric Openings

The electric door opening mechanism that modern garages have can appear to be quite an easy thing to fix. But in reality, this is not the case, and adequate knowledge is required regarding their functioning for you to be able to fix them. 

If mishandled, they can cause serious problems and could further complicate the issue. 

3. Replacing Drums, Cables, Or Rollers

Malfunctioning drums, cables, and rollers can cause the door to open or close improperly. The cables are wound around the drums to open the door and unwind when it needs to be shut. Extreme stress can cause them to be displaced, or they may wear out with frequent use. 

In either case, you should avoid trying to repair them on your own and let professionals handle the situation. 

4. Securing A Detached Door 

Garage doors can get detached due to various reasons, such as stress or poor weather conditions. In some cases, lifting the garage rollers back onto their track is possible, but it requires a lot of strength. It would be best to ask help from neighbours, in such instances, or wait for the professional garage door repairmen to arrive.

5. Performing Electrical Repairs

Garage doors require electricity to operate, and any electric fault in the wiring can cause them to malfunction. If there is an electrical fault with the door, it is best not to try and fix it, as improper handling can cause electric shocks or lead to death. 

Final Words

Dealing with a malfunctioning garage door requires proper knowledge, practical expertise, and, often, specialized tools. While some problems may appear easy to deal with, doing so on your own can often worsen them. 

With professional services, you can rest assured that they are familiar with most garage door problems and ensure maximum safety while performing repairs. So, when dealing with any issue, contact your nearest garage door repair services today!