Common Weapon Offenses that You Should Know!

Everyone needs to know about the various types of common weapon offenses. Possessing a weapon without a license, using it unlawfully, and failing to register are just some of the charges that could be filed against you if you are found guilty of such offenses. 

To ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities in these matters, here is a quick overview of some common weapon offenses you should be aware of.

Weapon Offenses

Types of Weapons Crimes

One of the most common weapons crimes involves possessing a weapon illegally. Depending on state laws, individuals may face prosecution for carrying a weapon without a permit. 

Additionally, possessing certain types of weapons, such as machine guns or sawed-off shotguns, is strictly prohibited, even with a permit in some places. Another class of weapons crime relates to selling or transferring weapons unlawfully. 

Selling firearms without the proper paperwork or transfer authorization can lead to serious consequences under the law. It’s important to always obtain permission from local authorities before engaging in any transaction involving firearms. 

Unlawful Discharge or Threatening Use

Another type of offense relates to the unlawful discharge or threatening use of a weapon inside a vehicle or public place. The ramifications for this type of offense are extremely severe due to the potential danger it puts innocent bystanders in. 

Unlawful discharge laws vary by state, but you can generally face significant punishment if convicted based on individual case circumstances and aggravating factors involved. Similarly, threatening use also carries hefty penalties depending on the act committed during the threat.

Carrying/Using While Under Influence

Another common violation is carrying or using a firearm while under the influence, either from drugs or alcohol consumption or both in some cases. 

Depending on your state’s gun laws, this could lead to harsher penalties for individuals facing prosecution for such an offense. 

It must be noted that different states have different punishments for being caught with a firearm while impaired, so make sure you look into your local gun regulations before traveling across state lines!  

Penalties Involved

The consequences of weapon offenses vary greatly depending upon the specifics surrounding each case; however, generally speaking, stiff fines and prison sentences may accompany convictions related to firearms crimes such as those mentioned above. 

Each case will be judged independently, and any aggravating circumstances could lead to more serious punishments depending on the severity of each situation involved at hand.  

Wrap Up!

Knowing about common weapon offenses is essential if you plan on owning/carrying firearms legally in your region, as ignorance towards these laws will not be accepted as a valid defense under any circumstance, no matter which part of the country you reside in! 

Be sure to do your research whenever possible or consult a criminal law firm, so you don’t unintentionally break regulations!