Step-by-Step Guide for Resin Preservation

Embarking on the journey of preserving flowers opens a gateway to capturing the ephemeral beauty of nature in timeless creations. Whether you envision delicate petals suspended in crystal-clear resin or supple blooms preserved in glycerin, the process begins with careful selection and preparation. Each method offers its own charm and artistic possibilities, Let’s dive into the exciting world of resin preservation of flowers! Whether you want to trap flowers in shiny resin or keep them soft and bendy with glycerin.

Resin Preservation

Choose Your Flowers

Select fresh flowers with vibrant colours and undamaged petals. Ensure they are scorched to prevent moisture-related issues in the resin.

Prepare the Resin Mixture

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your chosen resin. Typically, it involves mixing a clear polish with a hardener in precise proportions.

Arrange the Flowers

Position the flowers in a mould, ensuring they are evenly distributed and spaced. You can experiment with different arrangements for artistic effects.

Pour the Resin

Carefully pour the resin mixture over the flowers, ensuring they are fully submerged. Use a toothpick or a skewer to eliminate air bubbles and arrange the flowers as needed.

Curing Process

The resin can cure according to the specified time on the product instructions. This can range from a few hours to a day or more.


Carefully remove the resin-encased flowers from the mould once fully cured. Trim any excess resin if necessary.

Safety Precautions 

Resin preservation is exciting but needs careful handling because of the chemicals used. Work in a ventilated space and follow the safety guidelines from the resin maker. Be cautious to prevent skin contact and use protection for your eyes and breathing.

Preserving Flowers in Glycerin

Glycerin preservation is another method for flexible and durable flowers. Learn the basics, follow our instructions, and explore creative ways to use glycerin. 

Instructions for Preserving Flowers in Glycerin

1. Select Flowers

Choose flowers that are fully open and free from blemishes. Trim the stems at an angle to aid in glycerin absorption.

2.Prepare the Solution:

Mix glycerin with water in a ratio of 2 parts glycerin to 1 part water. Warm the solution slightly to enhance absorption.

3. Submerge Flowers:

Place the flowers in a container, submerging the stems in the glycerin solution. Allow the flowers to absorb the glycerin over several days to weeks.

4.Monitor Absorption:

Check the progress of glycerin absorption by observing changes in the flower colour and texture. Adjust the solution if needed.

5. Remove and Dry

Once fully saturated, remove the flowers from the glycerin solution and let them air dry. The glycerin-preserved flowers will maintain their suppleness for an extended period.

Creative Applications of Glycerin-Preserved Flowers

You can use glycerin-preserved flowers in many creative projects. Add them to wreaths and arrangements, or even make floral jewelry to wear. The flexibility of these preserved flowers allows for unique and long-lasting floral creations.

Tips for Successful Fresh Flower Preservation

1. Selecting Flowers for Preservation

Look for flowers without blemishes or signs of wilting. Roses, hydrangeas, and lilies are like the A-listers in preserved flowers—they steal the spotlight every time.

2. Preparing Flowers for Preservation

Trimming stems, removing excess foliage, and delicately handling thorns are like preparing your flowers for a spa day. For larger blooms, consider splitting them into smaller clusters. 

3. Maintaining Preserved Flowers

Keep preserved flowers away from sunlight and humidity. Clean gently with soft brushes. Please place them in airtight containers. It’s like a time capsule for lasting beauty.


In conclusion, preserving flowers through methods like resin preservation encapsulation and glycerin immersion offers a wonderful opportunity to extend the beauty of floral arrangements indefinitely. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you can create stunning floral keepsakes and decorative pieces that will captivate for years to come. And for those seeking the expertise of local florists in Brampton to enhance their floral endeavors further, consider reaching out for personalized guidance and assistance in selecting the perfect blooms for preservation and artistic expression.