Upper Body Strength Workouts

There are many different upper body strength workouts that can be performed to improve your overall upper body conditioning. A chest push is a good choice, but you may also want to add in exercises that address your biceps and triceps as well. This upper body workout alternates four major multi-joint movements: the chest push, row/low row, overhead press, and pulldown. The workout is designed so that your muscles become fatigued through voluntary muscular failure during each round.

Landmine press

If you want to increase your upper body strength workouts, try the Landmine press. This strength-training exercise trains your shoulders, arms, core, and triceps. The Landmine press can be modified for different goals. Start with a moderate weight and focus on volume. Rest 45 to 90 seconds between sets. There are many variations of this exercise. Here’s how to properly do one. To increase the difficulty of the Landmine press, use a heavy barbell or a bench.

The Landmine press is similar to the incline press, but you need to make sure you have engaged your lats and upper back before starting. This will cause your shoulder to roll forward and make the start of the press harder. It’s best to lean slightly back in the beginning of the exercise to increase the amount of activation in your pecs. Then, slowly lower the bar back down to the starting position.

Overhead press

An overhead press is a common exercise used to build upper body strength. When performed correctly, it can build core strength and strengthen abs. Additionally, the overhead press is a popular exercise for powerlifters, who use it to keep their shoulders strong. While seated, this exercise is less effective than standing. Standing requires the use of stabilizing muscles, which makes it less effective. To avoid injuries, use a weight lifting belt.

When performing the overhead press, you should keep your back straight. You should engage your core as you lift, which will keep your back in a neutral position and help you move the weight higher. Remember to inhale before you begin the lift. You’ll also want to breathe deeply before bringing the weight up. Performing these exercises correctly can lead to increased strength and endurance. Listed below are some tips to maximize your benefits.


Dips are a fantastic exercise for the upper body. They target your chest muscles and work your triceps, too. The dip also allows you to vary the width of your grip and hand position. You can also perform the exercise facing inward or outwards, depending on your preference. As you build your strength, you can increase the difficulty by adding weight or varying your grip width. But if you’re unsure about its benefits, it’s a great first step to strengthening your chest.

The best way to perform dips is with parallel bars or a dip machine. If you don’t have access to parallel bars, you can perform dips with a dip rack or pull-up bar. In addition, you can use a dip stand to help you with the exercise. If you don’t have one of these, you can buy dip bands. A dip machine or a pull-up bar will help you with your form.

Barbell row

A barbell row is a popular exercise that targets the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. The most common grip for barbell rowing is the double overhand grip, which is the best option for beginners. As you progress with the workout, experiment with different grips and hand positions to focus on different muscle groups. The biceps, which bend the elbow to lift the weight, work to stabilize the forearms, while the triceps bring the upper-arm behind the torso and attach to the shoulder blade.

The bent-over barbell row involves hinges forward at the hips and waist, which are crucial for lifting the weight off the floor. This type of row can improve hip movements, which can carry over to sports. Moreover, improved hip movements translate to improved performance in athletics, which requires a strong core and legs. Barbell rows improve these movements. Aside from boosting your strength, this exercise also helps you gain better coordination and balance, which will make them more efficient in sports.