Quick Guide on the Meaning Behind the Most Common Flower Colors

Flowers are many people’s favorite gift choice, no matter the occasion. Whether birthdays or funerals, there is a flower for every occasion and purpose. Are you considering gifting flowers for a special purpose? Or do you need them for an upcoming special occasion? Each flower has its symbolism, and every flower color has a special symbolism. Before contacting your local North York florist to place your order, it is great to learn the meaning behind the most common flower colors.

Flower Colors

Blue flowers

The color blue stands for tranquility, serenity, and inspiration. Blue flowers are a symbol of calm, harmony, and openness. Blue flower arrangements are great for expressing a feeling of relaxation and peace. You can also use it to express your love for the ocean or the bright sky.

Green flowers

Green is associated with growth, nature, rebirth, and renewal. Green flowers symbolize freshness, youth, good fortune, and health. These flowers are often mixed with others to express a feeling of freshness and optimism. If you are decorating your room, you can use it to express your love for nature and the outdoors.

Pink flowers

Pink represents playfulness, gratitude, and love. Pink flowers convey a feeling of youthful innocence and happiness. If you wish to express admiration, pink flowers are a wonderful gift choice.

White flowers

As you may already know, white universally represents purity and innocence. White flowers signify pure intentions, modesty, and elegance. They are commonly used in weddings to symbolize purity and sanctity. They are also used in funerals or to express condolence. 

Red flowers

Red represents intensity, passion, and energy. Red flowers are symbols of romantic love, desire, and passion. That is why they are ideal for Valentine’s Day gifts. Red is often connected to intense emotions. So the flowers are used to express deep feelings.

Purple flowers

The color purple stands for nobility and elegance. Similarly, purple flowers represent grace, royalty, and elegance. They are a great choice for expressing deep respect and admiration. You can also mix them with other hues to express congratulations for a successful event.

Yellow flowers

Yellow symbolizes happiness, hope, and sunshine. Yellow flowers signify friendship and joy. A yellow bouquet is a great choice if you want to show your support for a friend or express gratitude. They are also ideal for lifting the mood in the surrounding because of the happy feeling they evoke.

Orange flowers

Orange represents excitement. Similar to yellow, orange flowers signify joy, enthusiasm, and excitement. It is a bold color and great for expressing enthusiasm about an occasion. The color is also associated with Autumn. So the flowers are a good choice during the season.

The choice of flower colors is as important as the flower when sending gifts. Choosing the perfect flower arrangement requires understanding the meaning behind each flower’s color. It will help you choose the most appropriate flower arrangements for the occasion. Remember to consider the person’s personality and preference when buying flowers. Your relationship should also be part of the consideration.