Common Ways Homeowners Unknowingly Damage Septic Tanks

All homes need some essential things to stay safe and happy. One of these things is a well-working septic tank. But, sometimes, we can hurt our septic tanks without knowing it. That’s why it’s good to know about septic tank services that can help keep things working well. Let’s learn about 8 ways people Damage hurt their septic tanks.

Damage their Septic Tanks

Flushing the Wrong Things Can Hurt Your Septic Tank

Septic tanks are not trash cans. We should only flush human waste and toilet paper. Flushing other stuff like wipes, diapers, or cat litter can damage the tank. It can stop it from breaking down waste as it should. When that happens, we need to call for help to fix the tank.

Putting Too Much Water into the Tank Can Cause Problems

Using a lot of water at once can be too much for our septic tanks. For example, doing laundry in one day can flood the tank. It can stop the waste from breaking down properly. It’s better to spread our water use over the week to keep our septic tanks healthy.

Chemicals Can Be Harmful to Your Septic Tank

Cleaning supplies and other chemicals can hurt our septic tanks. They can kill the good bacteria that help break down waste. It’s essential to be careful with what we put down our drains. Using natural cleaners can be an excellent way to help keep our tanks safe.

A Heavy Load Can Damage Your Septic Tank

Driving or parking heavy things like cars on the ground above the septic tank can damage it. The weight can crush the tank or the pipes that connect it to the house. It’s important to remember where our septic tanks are and to keep heavy things away from them.

Ignoring the Need for Regular Maintenance is Not a Good Idea

Just like cars, septic tanks need regular check-ups to work well. Ignoring this can lead to big problems. It’s a good idea to have septic tank services check our tanks every 1 to 3 years. It can help find minor problems before they become big ones.

Planting the Wrong Kinds of Plants Can Hurt Your Septic Tank

Certain types of plants, especially trees, can damage septic tanks. Their roots can grow into the tank and cause leaks or blockages. We should be careful about what we plant near our septic tanks.

Putting Too Much Food Waste into the Tank Can Cause Issues

Septic tanks are not made for lots of food waste. Grease or oil can build up and stop the tank from working correctly. It’s better to compost or throw away food waste in the trash.

Not Knowing Where Your Septic Tank is Can Lead to Accidental Damage

If we know where our septic tanks are, we can avoid accidentally damaging them. For example, we might dig a hole for a new tree atop the tank. It’s important to know where our tanks are to keep them safe.

Conclusion: Let’s Care for Our Septic Tanks

Keeping our septic tanks working well is a big part of keeping our homes happy. We can help keep our septic tanks healthy by avoiding these common mistakes. Remember, if we need help to care for our tanks, it’s always a good idea to ask for help a professional from septic tank services. After all, a well-cared-for septic tank means a well-cared-for home. Let’s show our septic tanks some love!